CPS Child Protective Services Cases

Having The Right Legal Counsel

Child Protective Services Law

If you are involved in any case with Wayne County Child Protective Services(CPS) you need to contact me immediately. Criminal charges can come from CPS cases. If claims of abuse or neglect are made in a CPS case, prosecutors can also bring criminal charges. These charges can lead to jail time or even prison.

Having an attorney with over 23 years of experience will make Wayne County Prosecutors think twice about filing criminal charges. Having an attorney that knows the ins and outs of negotiating with CPS is a huge asset. I have extensive experience with CPS cases. The majority of my business comes from referrals from other attorneys that know my specialty. Much of my work revolves around Wayne County CPS.

Dealing with CPS and not having an attorney leaves you vulnerable. The repercussion could be losing your kids and even going to prison. Allowing me to represent and advise you, will put you in a better situation. When children are at stake people are willing to make false accusations. This can be used to gain custody and can lead to criminal charges. Without an attorney, CPS and the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office can, and will push you around.