CPS Child Protective Services Cases

Risking It All

You Don't Have To

Loss of Custody can occur in several different ways, it is my job to make sure this does not happen or to minimize a dreadful outcome. I have been aggressively fighting against this for my clients for over 23 years and it is rare that I come up against someone in CPS of Wayne County that wants me in their face. Below are the 5 most common accusations that CPS of Wayne County prefers to go after.

Below are some of the possible outcomes if CPS has a chance at you without a darn good lawyer. My definition of a darn good CPS lawyer is not your friends Business contract lawyer, or a lawyer that takes every case they can get. You get one shot at these proceedings and if you mess up, like so many non qualified lawyers do, it is game over. My practice is family and CPS law. I handle child custody, CPS and Divorce only. In Wayne County I often work for other lawyers who are getting a Divorce, CPS or a Child Custody matter.

CPS Outcomes

In many cases after the parents lose their Children they are then prosecuted in Criminal Court. If you have a strong lawyer in your CPS hearing then the prosecutor will be reluctant to bring criminal charges, especially if he or she knows that I am going to tie up their time and the courts time fighting to win. I like to win. Most seasoned prosecutors would prefer not to battle with me, and hand the case off to a young newbie prosecutor thus ensuring their conviction record stays intact while feeding the young prosecutor to a shark. I like to be a shark.